I. Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing an Aspis8 Watch. We hope you are impressed with its many functions and have many years of useful service from this unique product. If you have any issues with your watch please feel free to contact us at any time – Now let’s get you started.

1 – Charge your watch
When you first receive your watch please check that we have sent you everything you ordered. Then charge your watch overnight to ensure maximum battery life. Please Do NOT insert the Sim card at this time.

2 – Get the App
Visit Aspis8.com or the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the free Aspis8 app. This is the really “cool stuff” that makes your watch totally different to anything else on the market.

The Watch

3 – Insert the Sim
Once the app is downloaded, and the watch is registered – THEN - with the watch turned OFF - insert the SIM card. (Make sure the contacts are face up with the missing corner inserted first; please use the sim tool found in the box to insert properly) Now turn the watch ON.

4 - Now add your watch to the app
On the bottom menu bar of the APP, select the centre watch icon. Select the red plus sign button to add a new watch. Enter the 15 digit IMEI number located on the back of the watch. Remember you can also view the watch from our desktop windows platform by signing in through our website and going to App Login.

5 – Don’t forget to move
Once the watch has been added to the app you will need to move around from you current location for up to 15 minutes to create a signal and pinpoint your location. This step need only be performed once, for new watch setup only.

6 – More than one watch
Please repeat all steps above for additional watches.

II. Features

  1. GPRS+GPS+LBS+WIFI real-time locating, tracking and monitoring
  2. Remote control by smart phone APP
  3. Step Counter
  4. Two way Phone Home
  5. Notifications
  6. Track back history
  7. Alarm clock
  8. Geo-fence
  9. SOS emergency call
  10. Low-battery alert
  11. Remote shutting down

III. Watch Keys

Watch Key
  1. Touch screen; Symbol to Answer the Phone, and to go Back.
  2. SIM card slot, showing the correct way to insert the card.
  3. USB charging slot.
  4. Turn ON (press and hold)...SOS Emergency (3 second press)...Hang up the Phone.

Watch Features

    1. Press button for Home page.
    2. Swipe screen left for Phone book.
    3. Swipe again for Talk.
    4. Swipe again for Step.
    5. Swipe again for APP download QR code. ​

IV. App Instructions

*Please note: At the top of every page of our app there is a Red emergency phone button, use
this for quick response at anytime if you think your child is in danger.​


4.1 Registration:

Before log in, you will need to manually register your account. Navigate to the sign up page and enter your details. Your username and email address must be unique. Your username must be at-least 5 characters long. After you have successfully registered, you will be automatically redirected to the sign in page.


4.2 Sign In:

Once you have registered, enter your username and password to sign in. Click sign-in, you will find a map, where you can see all your registered watches. You will have to add your watch before it appears in the map. Please read instructions in 4.3 on how to add your watch.


4.3 Add Watch:

On the bottom menu select the watch icon.
(If you have any watch registered it will appear in this page). Select the Red plus button to add a new watch, enter your unique IMEI number and a name, (the unique IMEI No. is on the back of the watch). Once your Watch is successfully added you will need to move the Watch away from its current location and wait a few minutes for the Watch to pick up a signal and find its real location.
(You might need to take it outside and it may take more than 30 minutes depending on the Satellites positions).
If you recently added your watch and it does not appear on the list, pull the page down to refresh it.
At this stage we advise you to setup your SOS numbers so the watch cannot be turned off by the wearer.


4.4 Edit or Delete Watch:

On the watch page, swipe left on the watch you would like to edit or delete. After you have edited your watch; remember to pull down the page to see changes. Remember, when you delete your watch all the details related to this watch will be deleted like alerts and history.


4.5 Check History:

This app allows you to see where the watch has been for any particular time period. To check the watch history click on History Tab. On the history page, click on ‘Open form’ to select your watch and select ‘from time’ and ‘to time’, change them to your selected time period and click search, and you will see lines showing where the watch has been for this time period on the map. History is stored for 6 months.

4.6 Create profile and change password

To create your profile click on settings tab, then click on Profile. To change your password click on ‘change password’ on the profile page. After you change your password, you will be redirected to the login page. Then sign in with your new password.
Enter your profile details on the profile page and save your details.

4.7 Push Notifications

​By default you will receive automatic (Push) notifications on your phone. You will receive notifications:

  1. When sos button is pressed. (SOS button will ring the phone numbers set on the APP in the order they are listed.)
  2. When battery is low.
  3. When geofence is breached.

To opt out of all notifications uncheck ‘Push Notifications’ on the settings page.

4.8 Language

You can set the App’s language by selecting the language of your choice from the Language dropdown on the Settings page. This will not change the language on the watch. App supports English, Italian and German languages.

4.9 Logout

To logout of the App press logout on the settings page.

V. Function Description

5.1 Map:

Map will show you the real time location* of the watch. Every time the watch moves the map is updated with current location. Click on the ‘Aspis8’ map pointer to see watch details like; position, speed, battery level and date & time. You can click on + to zoom in and – to zoom out of the map

5.2 Watch Features:

​On the watch page, tap on the watch to see all the features supported by the watch.

  • Guardian Number: Setup the prime guardian number.
  • Contacts: 10 phone numbers can be set in the phone book for the watch to call.
  • Message: Type a short message (max 50 characters) and send, the message will appear on the watch, if the screen goes blank press the button. Touch the screen to remove the message.
  • Aspis Reward: Reward your child by sending love hearts. Move the slider to your selected number and select reward to send it to the watch immediately. The watch screen will show the love and numbers.
  • Geofence : Setup geo-fences and get alerted when the watch moves away from this geo-fenced area.
  • Fitness: Setup Step to monitor your child’s approximate steps. You can turn it on/off and also setup the time period to record steps.
  • SOS Numbers: You can setup 3 SOS numbers. It is important to setup these numbers first so the watch cannot be turned off by the wearer. In an emergency, press the button for 3 seconds, and an alert will be sent to the phone of the first number, it will then call this phone. If the first number is not answered it will call the next 2 set numbers in a loop, until someone answers. If not answered, calling will be stopped after 2 loops. Please note: If any of these numbers are connected to an answer service of any kind, the call will not move to the next number.
  • Outgoing Call: This will initiate the watch to dial any number entered in the contact list.
  • Time: Change the date and time on the watch.
  • Alarm Clock: Setup alarm for your child. Use the + sign to add an alarm, (there is a maximum of 3 alarms), pick a time, tick a repeat slot and name the alarm, save it, turn it ON, when set an alarm clock icon will appear in the status bar of the watch, press button to stop the alarm ringing. To edit an alarm slide your selected alarm left.
  • Position Update: Setup the location update interval. This will set how often the watch should update its location. Note: Setting up least update time will give more frequent positioning but will consume more battery.
  • Find Watch: This will cause the watch to ring for a minute so you can find it. Press button to stop it ringing.
  • Restart: This will immediately restart the watch.
  • Shutdown: This will power off the watch. As a safety feature, you can only power off the watch from the app. (if the SOS numbers are setup)

5.3 Watch alerts

The app will receive push alert messages if the watch initiates the alert. You can click alert on the app to see all detailed alerts.

*Please note the accuracy of tracking and location depends on the Atmosphere, Satellite Positions and Signal Strength.

VI. Troubleshooting

When turning on the watch for the first time, if App shows the watch is offline. Please check:

  • Check whether SIM card is installed properly and whether the screen display is normal
  • Check whether SIM has data traffic and network signal is normal
  • Contact aspis8-tracker@cfadigital.com to see whether the parameters of the terminal server have been set and check relevant parameters.

The watch is at a different location to that shown on the map

  • Check the watch has network signal and has data traffic
  • Move around a few meters so that the watch will update its location
  • Contact aspis8-tracker@cfadigital.com


If your not hearing your voice mails please make sure the volume on the watch is turned up.To do this call the watch, answer the watch and once answered a sliding volume scale will be on the screen and you can slide to max volume.


On the watch, touch the stepper page to open. Then go on to the app and without sliding it on complete physical characteristics and save, then set the time between the hours awake, from early morning to bed time and save. Set the target for that day and save. Then slide to the on position. Do not press the back arrow by the word fitness but click instead the blue
circle with the watch at the bottom of the page and that will take you back while leaving the fitness settings switches on.

Contact Us

If you need assistance or have any feedback, please email:
For the Watch: support@aspis8.com
For the app: aspis8-tracker@cfadigital.com