The Aspis8 Children's
Smart Touch Screen Locator Watch

The Free, specially developed UK downloadable, ‘Aspis8’ App allows you to check your child’s location, on your smart phone map, at any time. This advanced App also incorporates a “Talk” function empowering your child to send instant voice-to-text messages to your smart phone. Better yet, you can call your child, or he or she can call you at any time. The phone works entirely independently of any other device and incorporates a phone book feature for up to 10 different contacts.

The Aspis8 – check out these features

  • Sim Card Icon

    Our dedicated sim card enables powerful connectivity. The right power needed to stay in touch with loved ones.

  • ​The SOS feature enables children to call up to three different relatives instantly in an emergency.

  • ​Tracks your child and loved ones all the time, unlike many other devices the tracking information is a true breadcrumb trail. It has data and reliability to keep your loved ones safe knowing exactly where they are at all times.

  • Loved ones are tracked via your PC or any other mobile device. A safety zone feature allows you to create protected areas. Alerts are sent to parents when low battery or child leaves pre-determined safety zone

  • ​Parent alerts when low battery or child leaves pre-determined safety zone

  • You control the numbers the child has on his or her watch. Phone numbers are are simply added or removed via the Aspis 8 app. The watch acts as a standalone telephone to those contacts only.​

  • Text messages are sent directly to the childs watch from your smartphone.​

  • ​Your child can send instant voice messages to you and their contacts with a single press of the screen totally free of charge.

  • Using the smartphone APP, you can send gold stars to the watch instantly for good behaviour and achievements.​

  • In the event that you are unable to reach your child, you can initiate the watch to call you, from your smartphone APP.

  • ​Unlike other less capable products, our system can display the watch’s detailed tracking information via a personal computer. Log on through the Aspis8 website to gain access to our detailed dashboard platform.

  • simply set from the app and the watch will alarm at the appropriate time.​

  • ​Keep your child active with the built-in pedometer. Track the steps from the app. The step count displays on the watch. Send a gold star for activity achievements.

  • ​Check past movements by accessing the history icon which displays the exact location, address, time and speed travelled over the past 6 months.

  • The supplied sim card roams with your travels tracking globally and keeping you in touch wherever your child may go.

  • In case of emergency on every page of the app there is one touch access to emergency services.​

  • ​The Aspis8 app will update automatically as we constantly improve and add safety features to help you and your loved ones stay safe and in touch at all times.

  • Aspis 8 V2 Black ONLY - when any type of message is received by the watch, it will make a sound and it will vibrate. Advantage: the wearer could be in a crowded place, or on a bus, or any noisy place. They might not hear the call, but they will feel the vibration on their wrist.

​* The accuracy of tracking and location will depend on the Atmosphere, Satellite Positions and Signal Strength.

Live Tracking With The App

The app can track your child live to know where your child is at that moment. Also it keeps a tracking history so you know where your child has been. This important information can be kept for up to 6 months.​

Be In Control on your PC or Laptop

The Aspis8 keeps you in control at all times with a wide range of functions and alerts to help keep you in touch with your child.

From the dashboard you can control the phonebook on the watch, reward your child for reaching fitness targets, receive voice messages for free, geofence to ensure that your child remains within pre-set limits and a whole lot more.

You will also receive alerts if the battery needs charging or if the watch is taken off for any reason, if your child strays from pre-set areas and of course should the SOS button be activated for any reason.