GPS Trackers for kids

GPS tracker for kids: What things to consider?

Posted by cfadigital on 23 April 2019

Being a parent can be stressful. And those are sometimes when everything is going well. As parents we are always on the look-out for potential dangers that our children may encounter. Thankfully technology can help with one of those worries, children going missing.

Luckily the extreme cases are rare, however as children aren’t always completely aware of their surroundings sometimes it’s just a few seconds that the panic can set in.

With the advent of wearable gps trackers for kids, there are devices that can help give parents additional support should their child get lost. But like all electronic devices, a degree of caution in the event of a fault should be taken.

If a child is going on a school trip or you are taking them on holiday to somewhere unfamiliar then it might be an idea to use one of these watches to increase the chances of finding your child quickly.

With quite a few options on the market, here are a few things to consider before making your purchase.

Is your child of mobile phone age?

Parents, up and down the country cannot agree on what age a mobile phone is suitable for a child. It can depend on that specific child and how a parent feels about a mobile phone. Of course some children just might not want to have a watch tracker. From our experience tracker watches are more suitable for younger children as a stepping stone towards that first mobile phone.

Where is the company based?

In this age of digital the location of a business might not matter as much as it used to. However as one of the leading providers of child GPS trackers in the UK, we find that our clients appreciate the fact we are based in the UK.

What are the on-going costs?

Once you purchase the watch, most companies will charge you some sort of subscription to keep the service going. Of course the safety of your children is paramount. However too many subscriptions can really eat into your budget. One of the major changes we made was to turn our SIM card from a contract to a PAYG one. This means you can have a child gps tracker with no monthly fee. The SIM card we provide only requires topping up once every 120 days.

Does it have a child tracker app?

Having an app that integrates with your child’s tracking watch is really useful. After all a tracker might be amazing, but if you can only log into it using a computer then you will be missing out on that portable tracking using your mobile phone.


Every situation is different and you need to work out what service will best fit your needs. Head on over to our shop, where you can have a look at our range of children’s GPS trackers.

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