​The Aspis8 children’s smart GPS watch - Be part of the Aspis8 family

The technology that makes the Aspis8 Watch the most advanced of its kind was developed exclusively by our company - which is committed to the safety of children at all times. Unlike many of our competitors, who import pre- programmed devices, we have our own dedicated secure server and write our own software. We also want our customers to be part of the Aspis8 family which means you can contact us at any time - just drop us an e-mail and someone will always call you back.

We supply wearable technology that combines the best of both worlds. It’s a watch your child will always want to wear. It also has a built-in phone that works completely independent of any other device - plus a whole lot more.

Child Security is the Ultimate Concern

Assurance and peace of mind for you as the parent (or guardian); our watch is designed specifically to help keep your child safe when you are not around. The ultimate GPS tracker for kids.

We developed the new Aspis8 watch to help save lives, and improve the security, of our children. With an Aspis8 watch, you can remain in constant contact with your children, especially during those early years when they start to venture out alone and vulnerable.

Aspis8 is designed to support families and parents – helping them to take extra care of their loved ones and ensure that children remain in contact with their families – wherever they are, anywhere in the world.

Be part of the Aspis8 family with a watch that might look similar to others but is totally unique in terms of the security it offers and the many functions that few can match.

Aspis8’s great secure SIM package

Aspis8 is a company dedicated to keeping people of all ages – secure. So when we offer a SIM only package you know it is going to be something special.

Check out these key features and then you decide whether it’s worth paying that little bit extra for the peace of mind that comes with a SIM this secure.

  • 99.89% up time – giving greater connectivity and reliability nothing beats that
  • All data passes through our own encrypted network for maximum safety and protection
  • Upload and download speeds will be at least 10% faster
  • You can black or white list IP addresses
  • If your phone is stolen or lost the SIM will not work with any other device keeping your data secure.

Secure your SIM card now with Aspis8

The Aspis8 possibly the world’s coolest - and most SECURE - watch phone FOR KIDS